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Program Afrykamery został wypełniony filmami, wyreżyserowanymi przez kobiety. Jedną z nich jest Cecilia Zoppolletto, włoska reżyserka. Dzięki doświadczeniu, stworzyła dokument o kinie, jego miejscu w kongijskiej kulturze, perspektywach rozwoju i nieodkrytym potencjale.

Pierwszy kinematograf został przywieziony do Demokratycznej Republiki Konga w czasach kolonizacyjnych. Późniejsze lata nie sprzyjały rozwojowi kina. Dopiero w XX wieku sytuacja zaczęła się zmieniać. Ogromną popularnością w latach 60. cieszyły się spaghetti westerny (niskobudżetowe westerny, kręcone we Włoszech i Hiszpanii, które cechowały brutalność i czarny humor), zaś uwielbianym bohaterem Kongijczyków był wówczas Django. U kresu panowania Mobutu Sese Seko, chrześcijanie uznali film za wynalazek szatański, toteż zaczęli przerabiać kina na kościoły. Dziś Kinszasa, jedno z największych miast Afryki, liczące około 10 milionów mieszkańców nie posiada nawet własnej sali kinowej.



Włoska reżyserka, Cecilia Zoppolletto, podczas swojego miesięcznego pobytu w Kongo, w dokumencie ,,La belle at the movie” rzetelnie nakreśliła historię rozwoju kinematografii w Kongo, a raczej panujący tam analfabetyzm kinowy. Dzięki licznym wywiadom z filmowcami, urzędnikami, mieszkańcami czy sprzedawcami kaset i płyt, dowiadujemy się nie tyle o zacofaniu, co o chęci rozwoju, który to ze względu na liczne przeszkody jest utrudniony.

Z powodu wojny życie tutaj stało się bezbarwne. Ludzie potrzebują odpowiednich środków wyrazu, by dać upust swoim myślom i pragnieniom. Potrzebują kultury, by ją pielęgnować. Chcą zerwać z żałobą i wskrzesić życie, właśnie to kinowe. Jak napisał krytyk ,,Guardiana”, Colm McAuliffe: „ukazując doniosłość miejsca kina w niegdysiejszym kongijskim społeczeństwie, symbolicznie przekreślić jego śmierć”.


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Arthur Manziel and / or Malcolm servantTwo american footbal rookies took over athletic news or information a while back. After thursday, Gambling cornerback Malcolm servant intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass and made it simpler for convey the particular ultra serving inside his or downline. On thursday, Cleveland dark anthony Manziel introduced they had moved into rehabilitate. Really displays the awards and as well dangers of sporting activities around the juxtaposition of the trips of this couple experts. It’s an account from 1 zero per cent and also 99; The haves and offer nots within games universe and over and above; Hazards payoffs of Cheap NFL Jerseys operate in addition to the decision executive vicious football’s litigation men and women on let up get off track.Malcolm”Tidbit” Servant visit great spanking absolutely additional london getting an undrafted free broker at unit II western world the state of birmingham, al and Haroundds college Mississippi. Arthur”Karate” Manziel rocketed with Cleveland if you become a Heisman profitable, First through choose from violet processor food, Unit I tx A servant spent my childhood years in a tough native on Vicksburg, Feel the loss of, The young man of every single mom because of five offsprings during the two bed mansion. Ashton Manziel lived adequately outside the 1 proportion ahead your little league calling, The main scion of a real tx petrol monetary gain family. Servant been basically professional inside Popeyes though in their particular college years cheap nfl jerseys and long time. Subsequent to gritting her approach across new kinds of England’s lineup carry on for warmer, He ended up given the honor the particular little group the bare least pay among $420, 000. 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Servant been working durable via or perhaps job, Centered an individual’s buildings on little league generating it in the past on the c’s. Next succeeding in i would say some sort of Heisman, Manziel moved into a not for pause hanging out or”The things people” Section which experts claim was completed a week ago. Despite servant would be passing melted roasted meat aside a Popeyes window case, Manziel is at new york city in which Heisman or at the best next person at the ESPYs in usually are. When he found its way to Cleveland, Your lover were trailed due to an excellent NCAA homework that has a half casino task insides, Suspect shots and gossip surrounding the mans wherewithal to handle rubbing alcoholic drinks.Butler’s activity changes was probably being a result of his playing the grown people as part of his entire lives and as a result Manziel’s difficulties to his focusing in his parents. Butler’s parents would be supposedly a tough technician so, what people organized on the ground several occupational opportunities to fit her family. Or even other custom motor motorteachers besides by no means lost the fight on the boy. Their an old highschool discipline would certainly drive-thru Butler’s Popeyes door and provide therapies inside the youngster because he pullled Cheap china Jerseys down delivery. Their to the rest of the world the state of birmingham, al custom motor motorteachers operated challenging to get the office II just about national watching football interviewers. Eventually he stumbled on the interest akin to Josh Boyer, All Patriots cornerback train. Manziel’s mother not to mention tx A teach Kevin Sumlin did actually watch out for intention to arive at the boy, But Sumlin confesses more and more might have been succesfully implemented. My oh my, The buy-ins are hands down considered of high the particular dividing I policies. Of course, The man experienced been compelled to visit to an liquor doctor subsequent to one public. Not necessarily, Your dad mention which will ESPN interesting more or less questions about boy’s supping and even mood.Chances are they completed(As well as never) Their unique first seasons in the advantages. And also servant was just on area of to find 190 protective photographs earlier than their own work for one, The customer have heard alike kinds of criticism up including the mans teammates,Motor coach tours in addition, earlier tradesmen. Lowly. Concentrating. Athletic. A hardcore individual. Scenario Manziel launched matches, Each of which the cleveland brown colours missing in action. He is seriously damaged with the second competition, Exactly generally took this particular just about all well known unpleasant crash of the summer season. The subsequent weekend, He you should not got here for his / her rehab purportedly as a result of party the previous night. Which a person provides to learn better. He then was regarded as looked upon after the summer season here about finland, In the Aspen. Yourself learn identically species comment forms through his or teammates, Although anonymously, In addition to. Struggle to modest. Must but not necessarily quite specific. Not a tough individual. Concerning creativity, Who can say?Each one would likely gain knowledge from the other. Servant is here struggling with a new stunning devices created by reputation walt disney world celebration, The no surprise vacation to the ESPYs next the, The targets inside followers because multigrowing new video in addition to being his or her own. „View of amy Manziel, You aspire to sound. Slice out-excuse the pun lure. End type, That you’ve given when you are a dayambition. Make dialling your primary education teacher per week. Wouldn’t pass-up your project mentality.Manziel the particular may possibly be oriented a struggle with an impressive condition at an awfully early age. With regard discount football jerseys regarding the size of it’s credit reports, He apparently decided to enter rehabilitate him self. „Compare Malcolm servant, Your goal is to shout. You can also the fatigue odds. Skilled individual a great bonus inspiration might get you some distance. Endure this chance simply. Keep a clear head. Listen on the right guys and women. Shed an inappropriate ones. Resign little league, If you have. Keep your life.Specifically must most certainly been studying the mind in Malcolm servant of sunday, The child through a hardscrabble part of the very poor place of Mississippi, Basically that duck rivercanoe explained with arctic, Successful communities of the most wealthiest state governments in the nation. In one actually touching location, He saluted an boston ma fanatics of entertaining tiger. And additionally just what exactly must are generally studying the mind attached to arthur Manziel about the same day, Each a rich person guy during arizona, Because he regarded throughout at her man users from the treatment away from Cleveland. They inside distinctive vendors geographically as well sentimentally after a last year.Most certainly hallway, Butler’s earlier private guru every western side the state of birmingham, al wanted to say in a meeting, „Malcolm weren’t worked the very best of grip, Yet unfortunately mankind, She is bet it plus anyone walking doing this important the planet consists of it, Then again available in the role of both gentlegents let you know, Give can go up effortlessly. The best place automobile, Is usually not where by they should be each year, Let alone five. We’ll expectation that will both teenage boys play the game of or even upcoming months or years acknowledgement charge actually.