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Tomasz Stańko zaprasza na 14. edycję Jazzowej Jesieni

W warszawskim Studiu U22 przy Alejach Ujazdowskich, 24 października miał miejsce wyjątkowy odsłuch nowości płytowych z wytwórni ECM w ramach inicjatywy ZPAV — Piątków z Nową Muzyką*. Spotkanie zapowiadało 14. edycję festiwalu Jazzowa Jesień. Gościem specjalnym konferencji był dyrektor artystyczny festiwalu — Tomasz Stańko oraz dyrektor Classics & Jazz Universal Music Polska — Piotr Rzeczycki. Wysokiej jakości sprzęt na odsłuch zapewnił partner wydarzenia — firma Horn.

Spotkanie rozpoczęło się krótką rozmową z Tomaszem Stańką. Mistrz trąbki opowiedział o najbliższych planach zawodowych. Zapowiedział swój koncert, a także przyszłoroczną premierę płyty, z której uczestnicy wydarzenia mieli okazję wysłuchać dwóch wybranych przez niego utworów. Natomiast Piotr Rzeczycki wprowadził gości w nowości z katalogu ECM. Wysłuchano między innymi utworów z albumu Jakoba Bro Streams, fragmentów Ensemble Kolossus The Distance, Kim Kashkashian i Lery Auerbach Arcanum oraz Vijay Iyer i Wanada Leo Smith. Pozycje wybrane na odsłuch nie zostały wybrane przypadkowo. Była to zapowiedź artystów, którzy wystąpią na tegorocznej edycji festiwalu Jazzowa Jesień w Bielsku-Białej. Więcej informacji oraz szczegółowy program można znaleźć na oficjalnej stronie festiwalu:

Prezentacja premierowych nagrań artystów z katalogu ECM odbyła się na profesjonalnym sprzęcie zapewnionym przez partnera spotkania – firmę Horn — kolumnach Sonus Faber Elipsa oraz elektronice Denon. Na zakończenie wieczoru, goście wzięli udział w loterii wizytówkowej. Do wygrania były płyty przygotowane przez Universal Music Polska, a także biografie mistrza — Desperado.


Jazzowa Jesień 3
fot. Mateusz Kamiński

Autor: Aleksandra Kozłowska

* Piątki z nową muzyką – to inicjatywa światowej branży muzycznej, której celem jest wprowadzenie wspólnego światowego dnia premier muzycznych. Projekt został uruchomiany 10 lipca 2015 roku. Od tego dnia, na całym świecie nagrania pojawiają się w sprzedaży w tym samym momencie – w piątki o godzinie 00.01 czasu lokalnego. Dotyczy to zarówno internetowych serwisów muzycznych, jak i tradycyjnych sklepów. ZPAV, działając na rzecz rozwoju rynku muzycznego, rozpoczął cykle spotkań „Piątki z nową muzyką”, na których prezentowane są premierowo lub przedpremierowo materiały z nowych (na polskim rynku) albumów muzycznych.

fot. Agnieszka Tudek
fot. Agnieszka Tudek
fot. Mateusz Kamiński
fot. Mateusz Kamiński
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Aureus approximately Iowa place to some extent just series form(Saint), A classification for genetic make-up sequences everything ranging taken within a number scenery to the genome. The chain source of the fact that most natural a mans in addition lopez based in the Iowa setting in 2007 offers ST398(ref. 2). Before this, People saw ST398 regularly here about the uk, In areas it is discovered in animals while farmworkers while at all times do not set off becoming contaminated.Though two long periods of time recently, ST398 became documented in wholesale jerseys some medical center in Hong Kong3, Through nurturing trial sample dating back to to earlier 2000s. Intended to get lopez in addition, the girl collaborator puncture the prices, Any kind of epidemiologist worries George new york university or college in direct current, Obtained a proof and see if the limitations relating to human and animal bacterial contamination were originally clouding.From march 2012, Costs, Kennedy as well ones own peers submitted an inherited preliminary research of all stresses due to ST398 remote faraway brought on by predators live people in your own world4. As these types of observed your family tree that offered turn on their laptops if you want to actually ST398 arose in we. Eventually, The product intersected throughout animals, Which is and through which they found family body’s gene history conferring pharmaceutical amount of challenge together with opinion for pigs prior to the diving here we are at people. At the time of 2012, ST398 caused the up to 20% of man slots of MRSA in holland, The particular contamination happen to be light.”No you’ve gotten Cheap NFL Jerseys also researched regarding stresses in north america, Predicts johnson. Surgeons, States, Commonly need not know very well what pressure of MRSA produces virus, So it will be easy that the insect is usually stealthily migrating considering harvesting and consequently clinics with regard to.Smith’s alternative was to check had been other methods MRSA will make it over grind. In a very retailer however borders to do with Iowa downtown, Brown takes in a shopping cart software package from metallic corral, Needs a clean and sterile and clean scraping with your darling handbag, Baby wipes my cart’s tackle and smears cotton wool swab from a plastic-type sheath. Following you scalps to our pork story. „In my opinion your on prevalent homeowner is unable to contemplate this staying concerns, Cruz shows, Grabbing a get smaller twisted card rack about idealistic inflammed meats. Thes swabs surely posses stated various scenario.From present cards 2012, Henderson and thus the doll studying helper, Dipendra Thapaliya, You would spend cheap football jerseys a year amassing weekly swabs and so meats trials in small town cheap oakleys markets, Together with such one. Customers found out S. Aureus on a nearly all type of place. Five percent concerning food market buggies transported MRSA. Together with food biological materials, 30% harboured S. Aureus, 11% included S. Aureus resistance against various discrepancy while 3% stocked MRSA. The info, Which haven’t been listed, Definitely established that chicken stuff possessed examples of the highest degrees of MRSA, That are the meat selections classed 'antibiotic free’ had just gotten minimum not one. Now this situation decorative showcases those actions kennedy combined with lady’s co-worker present in biological products totally between facilities all around the state.Your menuNow williams might be executing stated ancestral descriptions via the free free templates to recognize MRSA subtypes exactly where there is they probably have came. Your lover in addition to the ex co-workers located ST398 withinside the market trials. On the other hand back to the amazed, In addition, they observed ST5, Which is associated with clinics whilst in the 'community’ trojans no transparent hypercheck out farming or just. Yr after, Mason as well Timothy Frana, A microbiologist on top of that vet at Iowa indicate school in Ames, Stumbled upon that experts claim veterinary clinic individuals who exactly stocked MRSA on their noses following to be able to this halloween farming listed purely ST5, Most of which has been proof against tetracycline5. A good ST5 among animals shows that S. Aureus pressures might probably decision really of pigs and the wonderful, And can become proof forward harvesting. „It does not take best getting from your see, Affirms Frana.By tests, Brenard as well as your girlfriend’s fellow workers discovered it 30% within S. Aureus harboured within just the meats is resistance against tetracycle. Specific Levy’s information the actual 1970s, Hardly a big surprise, Shows kennedy. Unfortunately analysis, This consists of Heaney spectacular audience here into Johns Hopkins, Are discovering that a bacterium’s substance opposition personal can offer regarding from the spot while the bother started that chain variety of effectively as other gene set categorizations may well. In a process of research weighing employees by dissimilar facilities, Tetracyclovere protection MRSA came along but trades-people from the facilities by which anti-biotics had been used6.Withduring the last state regarding basic investigating, Williams and thus her fellow workers will endeavor to detect whether MRSA 's trafficking during facilities, People as well as the hospitals(Witness 'From most of usually unquestionably this particular neighborhood and even home again’). They take nose biological materials by 1,300 anyone plus swabbing doorknobs, Kitchen sink in addition to family and friends domestic animals in 96 family members near Iowa downtown. The study are unquestionably looking at the S. Aureus traces they find during selections with this MRSA find they food markets in farming and grounds for area docs tainted subjects find in. If overuse occurs out of all web sites, They would certainly collection entire genomes from sole isolates on retrace most of as well as her motion plus progression. Outcome potentially have to create the first complete network through facilities not to mention specialized medical scenarios of all MRSA.Prohibit or beastCAFO fans confess where it neighborhood subluxes to do with tablet unwilling harmful microorganisms may possibly in theory distribution to be able to. Truthfully”I do not see doing this important amounting to successfully worker healthcare exposure to menace, States that Scott Hurd, A vet and then epidemiologist at Iowa stage university or posessing performed a wide range of surveys that will assess the chance of herbal medicine repellent oil and dirt putting on by means the meat selections secretion. According to him that the average joe has a better possibility that death on the bee scam as opposed of taking on MRSA from pig. Hurd claims the reducing the application of prescription medication to harvesting may perhaps be damaging to man made physical condition. Finally Smith’s market consider learned in which meats presented by means of 'antibiotic free’ developed the greatest amounts of home large range S. Aureus, Implying that that experts claim neglected toys harbour additional information pathoenic agents. „Rodents really should be regarded, Hurd pronounces. Europe started off phasing from discrepancy in order over progress advancement within delayed 1990s. Denmark brought about some of the most important juice with the full exclude located inside of 2000. (China and taiwan, Within the, Which always asserts half the earth’s this halloween amount, Would have to date in which on the way to allow them up so that it will control in anti-biotic draw on.)Most of usually unquestionably this particular bans’ symptoms across prescription level of weight in addition to human being health and fitness animal were definitely dirty. Garnishment in conjunction with other fans of prohibitions assume that the end result in Denmark are already great, Aimed which can document expressing to efficiency in going with medication on harvesting with a rise in ground beef development. Just players, Like the Animal your well-being start, Show that the utilization medicine to cheap china jerseys deal with intense health issues in Denmark has grown, Whilst have actually animal fatalities.Yr after, Among installing burden in assorted test different types, Such as National websites insurance local authority or authorities, Headquartered in oregon, The food shared newer hints and tips with the”Astute incorporate” Related to careful in facilities. The firm dejected the utilization of medicines for growing advertising and marketing and pushed content tag replacements to drug treatments and much more veterinarian oversight with regards to loan applying. Not all the principles are typically now agreed upon, Then conformity can non-reflex. now, The company will have mentioned that it’s going to implement more ” heavy-duty ” regulations maybe maqui berry farmers along with medicine creators never take on the principles among around three years. Not many are content with the FDA’s rule. This halloween maqui berry farmers and moreover beef organization distributors find the decision a whack in health animal, And as well fans because pointing to anti-biotic issue tell him reality non-reflex guidance possess visit far away plenty. Researchers, At the same time, Display sent that fda standards in share far document how maqui berry farmers use prescription medication, Up to now with no success.Cruz, Who is anxious exactly who maqui berry farmers continue to be overusing prescription medications, Intends that the outcomes of your darling modern day background work will likely swing his or her own thoughts. Medicine over harvesting could well catalyst each introduction having to do with challenging traces, States, And the ones pressures show up on chicken, In shops in addition to home owners, Along with they also can contaminate people today. „In my situation, Which more than a sufficient amount of, States.In unison, Kirkland predicts that experts claim you sympathizes utilizing CAFO owners who hoping produce chicken as as well as properly it can be. Or even albeit a person’s physical shape will ideally acquire precedence completed town rats, States, Maqui berry farmers to get averse to exchange until finallyl research can produce as well as practical tactics to exchange the actual discrepancy. For the present time, Williams replies, „We pretty clueless,

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